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A Success Story... Fishery starts in Samsun... Chairman of the board of Group Sagun A. Tuncay SAGUN, has built up Kemal Balıkçılık which took over from his Father Kemal SAGUN, to GROUP SAGUN, is a Group of Companies with 6 different companies, 10 production facilities across the 7 different regions in Turkey, 3 production facilities in different Countries and runs its business in the fields of aquaculture, production, exportation and importation. The point in Tuncay SAGUN’s success Story is his love to Fishery.

Under the management of Tuncay Sagun, Group Sagun is the one of the important Company in its sector, and has a world record in the sector with performing 386 kinds of products production. The group has 1500 worker human resources and exporting %70 of its production. Group Sagun is one of the biggest industrial companies in Turkey with its rich portfolio and services in all sectors, leading the seafood Sector and Group Sagun is in the most exported 500 companies. Group has direct export to 23 countries, mainly Europe and Japan.

From the beginning of its trade it has been continuously growing up and spreading activities on all seafood area focusing on Agriculture, Production and Exportation. As leading Seafood Group in our country we have direct contribution and impact during the transformation of Fishery into Industry through Tuncay SAGUN. Group Sagun expertise area has determined just Seafood by Tuncay SAGUN. In this case, Group Sagun has into the frozen Seafood Sector in domestic and foreign market under the Marines brand. Marines is the leading company with %38 shared in frozen Seafood Sector. All Europe know Marines nowadays.

As bring to Kemal Balıkçılık to leading Seafood Company in 20 Years, A.Tuncay Sagun’s biggest dream is make a SAGUN brand to known by the worldwide.

A. Tuncay SAGUN is the president of Seafood and livestock Exporters Association, President and Chairman of the Board of İstanbul chamber of commerce, OYİD Vice-Chairman of the Board, Istanbul Chamber of Commerce Membership and Turkey Exporters Assembly (TIM) Member of the Board. Tuncay Sagun was born in 1963, married and has 2 children.

The short briefs of Tuncay Sagun’s succes…
  • Established the first tuna farms in Turkey.
  • Created Marines only seafood specialization brand in Turkey.
  • Established Turkey's first live frog breeding facility.
  • Is the partner of Japan Mitsubishi in Turkey
  • In 2004, the farm in Antalya took the ISO 9001 Quality Certificate and became the only tuna farms in the Mediterranean region with ISO quality certificate.
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